This hand drawn illustration picks out the best pits of Abertillery, South Wales.


All of our hand drawn illustrations are drawn by me (Emma). I founded Art Ty whilst studying Architecture at The Welsh School of Architecture as a release for my passion for traveling and illustration. I learnt how to draw buildings from a technical perspective but wanted to explore how to illustrate the real story behind places and people - something which I’m still learning! Wherever I go I always take a sketch book and try and capture the places and people that really give that town or city its character. I then create a collage of these captured moments to attempt to illustrate the story of that place!


All of my illustrations are hand drawn and coloured using digital software to create my signiture bright style. I'm always drawing new places and if you would like to suggest somewhere for me to draw, please don't hesitate to get in touch! 




Frame Color
  • Hand drawn illustration, digitally printed.